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Once a week Lama Drubgyu is giving teachings to the volunteers open to friends and neighbours around the place

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Letter from Dag Shang Kagyu to the Shanga

After the various comments dropped in the social networks and internet around the situation of Lama Djinpa - Borja de Arquer related to a document sent to him by H.E. Kyabje Kalu Rinpoché, we would like to clarify as much as possible publishing all the original letters, in order to avoid confussion and with a solid intention of thoroughly follow our masters vision and instructions.

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Nima and Enrique need your help.

There are right now two retreatants depending on everybody support in order to complete the traditional retreat. As Buddist practice took root in Tibet, lay communities would support both monks and nuns and individual practitioners in their pursuit of enlightenment, often in long-term, solitary retreat. Families, farmers, and merchants alike would bring bags of tsampa or pots of curd and leave them outside the mouth of a cave for the person practicing within. Their generosity created a precious link between practitioner and benefactor. It was widely believed that the merit of such deeds would eventually bring them both to enlightenment. 

As the renowned Buddhist yogi, Milarepa once said:

Between the hermit meditating in the mountains
And the donor who provides his sustenance
There is a link that will lead them to enlightenment together.
Dedication of merit is the very heart of that link
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We offer you in this section a place to leave a simple note with your details in order to offer your car or find someone willing to share the trip to Dag Shang Kagyu.