Rates in Dag Shang Kagyu

Valid from 15th frebuary 2016

-------------------------------------- Teachings -----------------------------------------

You can find the rate for each teaching under its title on each description page. You can see here and example:

-------------------------------------- Housing------------------------------------

  • Camping (with your own tents) 6,30 € x person

  • Camping (with our tents) 7,30 € por person

  • Shared rooms (Dormitorio común de literas: 16 camas en habitación de sólo mujeres y 26 camas en habitación mixta) 7,30 € x person

  • Double/Triple room (3 habitaciones de 2 personas y 2 habitaciones de 3 personas)

    • Winter price (November - April) 15,30 € x person

    • Summer price (May - October) 13,30 € x person

  • Retreat houses (Solo para retiros formales. Para poder adjudicarlas pedimos a los practicantes que nos expliquen su recorrido en el Dharma, desde hace cuanto tiempo practican, que tipo de retiro quieren hacer, tienen la guia de algún Lama o Maestro, etc. )

    • Winter price (November - April) 25,30 € x person

    • Summer price (May - October) 21,30 € x person

-------------------------------------- Meals ----------------------------------------

Solo disponible si estás haciendo enseñanzas o alojado en el Centro.

  • Breakfast 4 € x person
  • Lunch 11 € por person
  • Dinner 8 € x person

-------------------------------------------- Otros ----------------------------------------------

In the case of the ordained shanga and those who have completed the three years retreat, teachings are free, and acommodation and food will have a 10% discount. It is required some certification. 

Los menores de 5 años tienen alojamiento y comida gratis. Los menores de 14 años, descuento del 50%.

Lockers: To be able to use the lockers in the shared room you will need a lock. In the case that you use one of our locks, 5€ will be requested as a deposit until you return it back. 

Si no se traen sábanas y toallas: In the case of the shared room and the camping you have to bring your own bed sheets or sleeping bag, and a towel, if you forget we will charge 5€ for using ours, allways depending on our limit of sheets or towels